John Evans - Producer and Host

John Evans - Producer and Host

If this means something to you...

To me the best part of creating podcasts is taking you with me into the story. Taking you into the back yard of a Syrian refugee family, into the place where guitars are carved and sanded, into the kennels with rescue puppies and kittens.

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What's inspiring is the possibility of taking you with me into more places farther and farther from here is the most inspiring part of making these podcasts. I want to take you to a dreary rehearsal space in Washington DC, or a dusty barn in Utah, or a skate park in Venice. Your stories are out there.  

This gives you a chance to be even closer to the stories a they get farther and farther from your home. And I really appreciate you helping me get you there.

Please help me make more of these podcasts. Thank you for your support.